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I’m Laurie. I travel part-time and produce dubious humour full-time.

Laurie Borealis

After living in Ottawa, Helsinki and British Columbia, I now call Whitehorse, Yukon my home. I was worried I would regret moving to Northern Canada after spending the better part of three years in beautiful British Columbia. While I do miss the mild weather, the big Douglas firs drenched in fog and the ocean, I like the slower “north of 60” lifestyle (where you’re home after a 10-minute commute from work). And I also find myself looking forward to the dark, but beautiful winter season.

Fun and Finnish

Before I moved to Whitehorse, and even before I lived in British Columbia, I spent a whole year working as an au pair in Helsinki, Finland. Some people argued babysitting kids and going on weekend trips all over Europe was not the smartest thing a new grad could do after getting a degree. But I can assure you it was the best. damn. decision. of my life. 

Making a decision on your own (like, truly on your own and without optimizing outcomes/profit/opinion of others) and owning it is extremely empowering. It doesn’t have to be a wild and irrational thing. It just has to be something that resonates with you. Just give it a go. It won’t always go according to plan, but I can tell you it’ll you give you the skills and confidence to make better, more meaningful life choices for yourself onwards.

So, weekend trips in and around Europe. I was lucky enough to wander in Russian palaces, run a half marathon in Vienna, devour mind-blowing 35-euro sorbet, and nearly faint while climbing a tower in Copenhagen (ok that wasn’t so lucky, but it was well worth the pictures I took at the top).

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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