Kluane: Hiking the Auriol and Sheep Creek Trails

Hey everyone,

I’m finally done retouching the photos from my trip to Kluane National Park! here we go!

Day 1: Auriol Trail

Auriol trail is an intermediate 15 km loop trail. It’s a less than 10-minute drive from Haines Junction. We got there just after noon, ate our lunch in the parking lot (glamourous, I know) and began our hike.

However, reality slapped us in the face. The trail was muddy and melting snow covered most of the trail. Uh oh!

But we’d made it all the way to Haines Junction! We were on vacation! We wanted to hike and enjoy the mountains! Surely we wouldn’t let a little bit of mud and snow stop us… would we?

Well, we had to turn back halfway through the loop trail. As you can see in the pictures below, a snowstorm was raging over the Kluane mountains. The wind was picking up. It even started to snow. But most alarmingly, our feet were getting wet from the poor trail conditions. We thought it best to head back.

It was a disappointing, but prudent decision. But you know, when in doubt, go toward the clear skies!

We had a lot of fun nevertheless. We headed back to our hostel (Wanderer’s Inn), stuffed our shoes with newspaper to absorb excess moisture, and spent the evening chatting around a campfire (and marshmallows!).

Day 2: Sheep Creek Trail

Our second day in Kluane National Park didn’t disappoint!

Sheep Creek Trail blew our minds! It was more challenging than we anticipated, but the views made up for the pain and sweat.

The trail was fairly dry this time (thankfully!).

And here are a few pics of me in case you were wondering why you never get to see my face over here (because I’m usually the one holding the camera) or had doubts about who is *really* running this blog.

The black thing hanging on my chest is a can of bear spray. You simply can’t go on a hike without carrying bear spray with you in Yukon.

Sheep Creek Trail is 15 km (return). Like I said earlier, it ended up being a little more challenging than we expected. I don’t remember how long it took us to reach the end of the trail, but I can assure you we were so glad we made it!

Unlike the day before, the trail was 95% dry. However, it’s a relatively steep hike (1,100 m elevation over 7.5 km) and it was quite windy when we were there. And just before we reached the end of the trail, we encountered a huge patch of snow… why?!?!??!

What about bears?

We didn’t see any bears during our hike and we’re quite grateful for that.

On the other hand, we did spot a few mountain sheep (as the name of the trail would suggest!).

This one hung out with us as we sat down for lunch!