Melting Snow in Yukon

I admitted in a previous article that moving to Yukon helped me better appreciate winter.

And now that March turned to April, I find myself missing winter, its sparkly and snowy surroundings, and the slightly moist air.

What can I say: spring in Yukon is nothing to write home about (yes, I do realize that is exactly what I’m doing right now. Just cut me some slack, okay?).

March Break

Back in March, I got a petsitting gig as neighbours were going on vacation for March break. Therefore, I ended up spending 10+ days with three beautiful dogs and a cat.

I enjoy petsitting, but boy, these big dogs had a lot of energy! Thankfully, the house was close to amazing hiking trails in the mountains surrounding the neighbourhood. Everyone (myself included) enjoyed these after-work walks. The views are nothing short of spectacular, but to me, nothing beats that lovely late afternoon glow.

One thing I do like about spring in Yukon is noticing how long the days get. As of early April, there’s still a bit of light shining on the horizon past 9:30 pm!

Dusty Far West Vibes

Just after mid-March, an unusual heat wave hit Yukon. Temperatures hit 15 degrees in the afternoon. That’s just as many degrees above the seasonal average. It took just over a week for all the snow to melt and cause flash floods in Whitehorse as a result.

At first, I was excited to see spring arrive so early. I didn’t expect it at all. In fact, the weather reminded me a lot of Vancouver that time of the year, but without the cherry trees in bloom. Oh well! I got myself a bubble tea in memory of beautiful Vancouver springs.

But despite the sunshine, something ugly appeared in Whitehorse: the dust.

In the winter, people cover roads with gravel instead of salt. After the snow melts, a thick layer of sand and rock remains on the roads before, which in turn becomes a thick cloud of dust as cars drive by.

It felt like the streets had turned to dirt roads, just as you’d expect to see in a western movie.

This lasted almost 10 days until the city finally cleaned the streets. Before they did, I seriously thought about covering my mouth with a red scarf, putting on leather boots and wearing a cowboy hat. I thought it would have been appropriate for the occasion!

It’s not spring time without ice cream

The thing I actually like about spring is getting that first serving of ice cream of the year after a long and cold winter. Good news: Whitehorse’s health grocery store has great soft serve ice cream that customers can get in their own glass jars. No-waste treats just happen to taste better!

A bike ride around town

Another good thing I enjoy about spring is taking my bike out on a ride for the first time once the snow melts. That’s exactly what I did two weeks ago. here are some pictures I took on a short ride around town last week.

I think that’ll be all for today… I’m off to do some yoga on the deck!

Just kidding. it actually started snowing again last week. :( I guess we’ll have to go through Springtime, take two in a few days!